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Axelera Technologies

AXELERA is and investment group to tech startups in the growth stage. With main offices Orlando, We have a diverse portfolio that can be strategic and complementary to you project.

We bring together connections across multiple industries.

We work closely with you to help overcome any challenge. At every stage of your journey, we will support and assist you by providing access to our shareholders’ businesses and network. We will make sure you get what you need so you won’t be held back.


Investment Capabilities

Axelera Technologies is a dynamic investor group specializing in new technology, aviation, and aerospace sectors.

consulting, repair & sales

Aviation & Aerospace

Axelera Technologies provides a comprehensive spectrum of aviation and aerospace services that promote innovation and operational excellence. We identify and support promising new technology, aviation, and aerospace ventures, thereby supporting growth and breakthroughs in these industries. Providing valuable insights, our consultants help our clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Axelera’s repair and maintenance business also ensures the dependability and safety of critical aeronautical equipment, decreasing downtime and enhancing performance. Axelera Technologies is a valuable partner in the aviation and aerospace sectors, with a commitment to quality and a comprehensive approach that includes investment, consulting, and maintenance.

experienced team in

Aviation & Aerospace

At Axelera we have a team of highly qualified aerospace engineers with advanced skills in Aerospace Design, Engineering, and Technical skills.

With experience in the aviation field, the engineers work with top-tier manufacturers such as Honeywell and Collins to ensure safety and performance. This includes designing and repairing multiple aircraft types and equipment, such as Boeing, Airbus, Falcon, Gulfstream, and Cessna-Citation, which are some of the most popular aircraft types in the industry.

Multilingual skills in computer languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, and more in the electronics industry. Certifications from the FAA and FCC. Regulation and safety knowledge combined with innovation skills.

new era of flying


Axelera Technologies is in the development phase of sophisticated technology for Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft, with a special emphasis on omnidirectional control systems. As the demand for eVTOLs in urban air mobility develops, so does the requirement for precise and agile agility in complex urban situations.

Our team of enginner works together with aviation experts to build omnidirectional control systems that allow eVTOLs to travel in all directions fluidly, ensuring precision navigation and maneuvering around obstacles. These advancements are critical in the urban air mobility scenario, since they promise efficient and dependable eVTOL operations. Axelera’s dedication to innovation in this arena ensures that our technology will play an important part in creating the future of sustainable urban mobility.

Creating value for your business


Axelera Technologies is a trusted partner in representing products and technologies, guiding them through each phase of development to achieve genuine success. With a dynamic and multifaceted approach, we provide comprehensive services tailored to the unique needs of each project.

We work hand in hand with inventors and innovators, offering invaluable support in refining concepts, securing funding, and strategic partnerships. We empower products and technologies to overcome obstacles, adapt to market shifts, and ultimately realize their full potential, setting them on a trajectory towards genuine success.

strategies, invest, develop & integration

New Technologies

Axelera Technologies is committed to driving innovation through strategic investments in new technology. Our investment arm diligently identifies promising opportunities and cutting-edge advancements across various sectors. We place substantial resources behind these innovations, propelling their development and ensuring their market viability. By actively engaging in new technology sectors.

Our investment strategy is characterized by due diligence, strategic partnerships, and a forward-thinking approach. We provide the necessary financial support to budding ventures, helping them to scale and realize their vision.