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Innovating Mobility: Building a Driverless Future Jacksonville Hosts Second Annual National Autonomous Vehicle Day Conference

Innovating Mobility: Building a Driverless Future

Jacksonville, FL – June 6, 2024 – Join the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) and leading automotive visionaries at the second annual National Autonomous Vehicle Day event in Jacksonville, Florida. This event is an unparalleled opportunity to experience the technology of today and glimpse the possibilities of the future.

The event featured the latest innovations in autonomous vehicle technology, including Axelera Technologies’ 3D-4X Joystick and the eVTOL AX1-Sportster. “It was a great experience and opportunity to showcase two of our products,” said Alejandro Madrid, CTO of Axelera Technologies. “A special thanks to the executive team of JTA – Nathaniel P. Ford, Greer Johnson Gillis, and Kiet Dinh – and to Rahman Johnson of City Council, District 14. Your efforts are making Jacksonville a brighter and greater city.”


The conference also highlighted the Ultimate Urban Circulator (U2C) project, part of JTA’s plan to replace and expand the Skyway’s monorail cars with autonomous electric vehicles. This ambitious project includes integrated data exchange, autonomous shuttles, smart and connected signals, pedestrian sensors, street flood notification systems, smart lighting, wayfinding and event management, a solar path, a conversion to a two-way road, public broadband network, public safety and surveillance, and smart waste management.

“National Autonomous Vehicle Day is an opportunity to bring AV industry leaders to Jacksonville, fostering industry collaboration and deeper learning,” said JTA CEO Nat Ford. “I am grateful to the many public and private partners working alongside JTA on this journey. I look forward to seeing residents and visitors benefit from our shared vision of providing autonomous mobility in the very near future.”


Attendees engaged with pioneers in mobility and autonomous technology, including Harald Braun, Dr. Paul Newman, Joe Moye, and other industry professionals and experts. The event provided a platform to explore groundbreaking technologies and advancements driving the future of autonomous vehicles.