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Axelera Technologies Impresses Consultant Rupert Meghnot with 3D-4X Joystick

Orlando, FL – Axelera Technologies recently presented and tested their groundbreaking 3D-4X Joystick to consultant Rupert Meghnot, a renowned entrepreneur, innovator, mentor, and educator in aviation, technology, and the gaming industry. Rupert was thoroughly impressed by the joystick’s ease of use and advanced integration, which allows full control of an airplane or eVTOL with just one hand.

Rupert, known for his expertise and forward-thinking approach, expressed his amazement at the 3D-4X Joystick. “I couldn’t believe the seamless integration and development that allows complete control of an aircraft with just one hand. This technology is revolutionary and ensures a bright future for pilots and aviation enthusiasts,” he said.


The 3D-4X Joystick’s user-friendly design and functionality make it accessible to a wide range of users, including handicapped aviation fans. Its capability to be operated with either hand opens up new possibilities for those with physical limitations, making flying more inclusive and accessible.

“Our goal has always been to push the boundaries of technology and user experience,” said Alejandro Madrid, CTO of Axelera Technologies. “Receiving such positive feedback from an industry leader like Rupert Meghnot is a testament to the hard work and innovation our team has put into the 3D-4X Joystick.”

The demonstration highlighted the joystick’s potential to transform the aviation and eVTOL industries, providing pilots with unprecedented control and precision. Rupert’s endorsement further validates the impact of this technology and its future applications.