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Axelera Technologies' CEO Axel Lopez Highlights Business Benefits in Central Florida at Hungarian Summit

Daytona, FL – Axel Lopez, CEO of Axelera Technologies, recently shared his insights on the benefits of doing business in Central Florida, particularly with the UCF Incubator, during the Hungarian Summit held in Daytona on May 23-24. As a featured speaker at the event, Lopez emphasized the unique advantages offered by the UCF Incubator and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

In his address, Lopez highlighted how the UCF Incubator has been instrumental in the growth and success of Axelera Technologies. “Being part of the UCF Incubator has provided us with invaluable resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities,” said Lopez. “The supportive ecosystem here in Central Florida is a fertile ground for entrepreneurs looking to innovate and grow their businesses.”


Lopez also underscored the importance of networking and collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs. “Connecting with other like-minded individuals and sharing experiences is key to achieving success. The relationships and partnerships we’ve built through the UCF Incubator have been crucial in our journey.”

The Hungarian Summit brought together business leaders, entrepreneurs, and policymakers to discuss opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Lopez’s remarks resonated with attendees, highlighting the potential of Central Florida as a hub for entrepreneurial activity and growth.