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Axelera Technologies Showcases 3D-4X Joystick to Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation

Orlando, FL – Axelera Technologies recently presented and demonstrated their innovative 3D-4X Joystick to the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS) at Tech Grove in Orlando, FL. The AFAMS team was highly impressed with the joystick’s functionality, ease of use, and its capability to handle any aircraft with precision.

The 3D-4X Joystick, designed for intuitive control, allows users to maneuver and fly any aircraft with just one hand. This groundbreaking technology simplifies the piloting process, making it accessible and efficient for both seasoned pilots and new users. During the demonstration, AFAMS personnel experienced firsthand how the joystick’s advanced features enhance flight control and improve overall user experience.


“The opportunity to present our 3D-4X Joystick to AFAMS was incredibly rewarding,” said Alejandro Madrid, CTO of Axelera Technologies. “Their positive feedback and amazement at the joystick’s capabilities reaffirm our commitment to innovation and excellence in control systems.”

Attendees had the chance to test the 3D-4X Joystick in various simulation scenarios, providing valuable insights into its practical applications and performance. The interactive demonstration highlighted the joystick’s potential for enhancing training and operational efficiency in military and civilian aviation.


“The ease of use and precise control offered by the 3D-4X Joystick can significantly improve the effectiveness of flight training and simulation,” noted a representative from AFAMS. “The ability to maneuver any aircraft with just one hand is a game-changer.”